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Why Work as a Real Estate Agent ?

Estate agents earn well above the average 'good' salary, some of our successful agents average an annual income of over €50,000 whilst others, still earlier in their careers already earn €25,000 or more.  There are a myriad of reasons beyond the financial rewards that attract individuals to become RE/MAX Agents.  

Many thrive on the liberty afforded to them to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit without having to face the financial burden of investing in their own company.  Others are simply competitive by nature and cannot survive in a normal job situation, being told what to do and how to use their time and skills.  

Most however just want to rely on their own ability and skills to earn rewards both financial and self fulfilling. They love to see their customers comfortably moved into their new home and know that they played a pivotal role in that event, of course earning serious money in the process is not generally an objection. 

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Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Real Estate Career in Malta

Becoming a real estate agent is less comparable to 'Finding a job' but more to 'Starting your own business'. There is however a marked difference between starting a business on your own and starting a business within the RE/MAX franchise system.  

Being at the helm of your own business can be a lonely place as many can give testament to.  The people who can teach you how to avoid the pitfalls are your competitors and needless to say, they will not be sharing their trade secrets.  In the RE/MAX franchise system the opposite is true. The RE/MAX system is built on the premise that 'One log makes a lousy fire' and an ingrained belief that sharing creates synergy and synergy creates profits.

Therefore when one is given the opportunity to Join RE/MAX as an associated real estate agent he or she are handed practically all the necessary tools needed to begin a successful business. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. All that new agents are expected to bring to the business is the desire to learn and the drive to succeed. 

In this website we will endeavour to document all the information that one may need to consider a lucrative career as a real estate agent in Malta. 

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RE/MAX Central

RE/MAX Central operates offices in AttardBirkirkara as well as our newly opened branch in Naxxar. Each of our offices hosts up to twelve estate agents who are mentored and guided by our experienced branch managers Mark Mercieca and Mark Nurton both knowledgeable and highly successful estate agents in their own right.

At RE/MAX Central we pride ourselves in being as our logo states 'Above the Crowd'. We are always able to recognise trends in the market and work hard at creating, for our associated agents practical strategies for success. Being agents ourselves we understand the need to also create accompanying systems to implement these effective strategies successfully and with little pain.

Whilst browsing through this website you will understand that the tools that we have available for our agents are incomparable. We can safely say that there are no other real estate agencies on the island that can compete.

Among a myriad of other tools our associates benefit from :

  • Over 15,000 properties currently listed for sale on the RE/MAX Malta  database.
  • The right to advertise as many properties as you like on our website which is currently receiving 2,000 to 3,000 daily visitors predominantly from Malta but with an audience that spans the world.
  • The right to list any new to the market listings on the RE/MAX Malta database and receive a share of the service fee should ANY of the 260+ RE/MAX Malta agents sell your listing.
  • To have your listings posted on and and receive any buyer enquiries directed to your listings.
  • To refer and receive referrals from 90,000 RE/MAX agents located in over 90 countries around the world.
  • Constant on demand training brought to them by RE/MAX University, over 1,000 videos prepared by the best real estate trainers for RE/MAX.
  • An unrivalled social media presence consisting of 12 facebook pages with over 150,000 fans delivering an instant and endless supply of buyer leads.
  • Attend RE/MAX conferences the world over to network, learn and trade with other international RE/MAX agents.
  • To make use of the renowned RE/MAX brand currently the most popular real estate brand in Malta. 
  • State of the art office space equipped with the latest technology.
  • Above average commission split with guaranteed instant payment upon contract.
  • And much, much more!

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