Working without a salary, feast or famine ?

Working without a salary, feast or famine?

We meet hundreds of people who would happily be real estate agents if a salary was attached to the remuneration package. Being in the industry we know that this would not work. Real estate requires a high level of passion and dedication that no employee would be willing to deliver which would create an unhappy relationship between employer and employee.

There are many reasons why people consider becoming real estate agents. Some are simply looking for a job because they have been made redundant. They would be looking for the highest paid job with the least amount of job_searchinconvenience to themselves. These people are looking for what we call a nine to five and are not suited for the industry. They have no wish to be entrepreneurs and would much rather be employees.

Others understand that real estate agents earn serious money, however, if they have been paid just a salary all their lives, they may have no savings to invest in themselves or are unwilling to do so.


So who are real estate agents ?

The people who do enter the trade and succeed, are those that are either already entrepreneurs but are struggling to succeed due to lack of capital or knowledge and those that are simply passionate about becoming successful entrepreneurs.

For some people, not relying on an employer to secure their present and future income is a far greater priority.  These people would never settle for receiving the same amount of money at the end of each month.  One may perceive this to be living on the edge, entrepreneurs will not agree.

We often hear comments such as ‘but at least you get something at the end of each month for sure!’ Entrepreneurs, particularly those that employ people themselves know the fallacy of that statement.  If things go sour in a business, employees cannot be retained so our question is ‘Do you want to be in control of things going sweet or sour or do you want to rely on someone else? Remember that when things are sweet it is not the employee who benefits, the employee just gets to keep getting the same salary at the end of each month!

With another perspective in mind, one must concede that there would be no businesses, if there were no employees in the first place.  At the end of the day it is a persons prerogative to choose between which side of the fence he or she would rather sit on.  Of course being entrepreneurs ourselves, we tend to favour an entrepreneurial way of thinking, considering being employed as a great risk.  Possibly,  just as much as a happy to be employed person might looks at what we do as being, far too risky.

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