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Any change that one may make in one’s career no doubt creates a myriad of questions.   If you are considering moving from your existing real estate agency to RE/MAX  or possibly considering getting into the real estate industry you no doubt have some unanswered questions.

In this website we have covered many topics that pertain to starting a real estate career.  We have also explained the reason why our associated agents have an advantage over the competition. However in an effort to give our readers the opportunity to ask questions which we possibly have not covered we have created this question and answer post.

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Situation Vacant – Office Administrator

A vacancy has arisen for the position of Office Administrator with RE/MAX Central

We are actively searching for a meticulous, organised and dependable individual. Candidates should be able to work on their own initiative and ideally have 5 years experience working in a similar environment.

  • The office administrator will be required to work in a dynamic team environment and in support of twelve self employed sales associates in a courteous and friendly manner.
  • An office administrator shall work to and within standards and policies as set by RE/MAX International, RE/MAX Malta and RE/MAX Central.
  • An office administrator shall assist in maintaining good relations and synergy with other RE/MAX Franchise offices and the Master Franchisor.


The Office Administrator shall be responsible primarily for but not limited to:

  • The timely opening of the branch on a daily basis.
  • Support for sales associates in communication with clients in their absence, assistance on IT issues when required, data input and inventory maintenance as required.
  • Support to the branch manager in general administrative issues as required.
  • Able and willing to embrace new technology and software applications which the company may introduce.



  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • An ability to work under pressure and sometimes to tight deadlines.
  • IT Literate, able to use basic software applications with ease.
  • Familiarity with online marketing required.
  • Maltese as a first or second language preferred.


A suitable salary is being offered and shall be reviewed after a six month probationary period.

Working hours 9:00 to 13:00 – 14:00 to 17:30 Monday through Friday and 9:00 to 12:00 on Saturday. Kindly send your CV to

Central Real Estate Ltd operator of the RE/MAX Central franchises in Attard, Birkirkara and Naxxar.

RE/MAX Central – Meet, our Ambassador.



Are you looking to sell your property? Are you looking for somebody trustworthy to guide you? I recently sat down with Sean Busuttil Cordina, one of RE/MAX Central’s up and coming real estate agents.

This fun and quirky character is not only a real estate agent but also a RE/MAX Ambassador. Being an ambassador is an important role because it means that Sean is constantly pushing RE/MAX’s values to the forefront. Above all else he is always representing the brand in a positive manner. These are important qualities in an agent because he will take care of you throughout the process and ensure that your selling experience will be a smooth running one.

Most people have a particular aspect that they enjoy the most when it comes to their line of work. In Sean’s case this would be the act of bringing properties to the market and beginning their marketing process. Although he is comfortable selling any type of property, he does love that good old fashioned House of Character that Malta is known for. Since Sean grew up in East Harbour areas such as Sliema he enjoys having the opportunity of selling properties in those localities.

Naturally, a seller wants to get their home sold as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Sean explains that contacting him or one of his colleagues at RE/MAX Central will be an integral part in simplifying the process. A good agent makes all the difference in these situations. Aside from this, it is beneficial to keep your home tidy and presentable so that when your agent brings people in for a viewing they will feel comfortable. According to Sean, the correct pricing of your property can make all the difference. It is always best to listen to what your agent recommends and to not think too big if you’re looking to sell your home in good time.



Given the fact that Sean is still young he is more aware of the multiple and new ways in which one can market a property. He makes it a point to be as creative as possible so that your property can truly stand out.

Sean focuses a lot of his work on Exclusive Listings and the package that RE/MAX provides along with it is a fantastic method to decrease selling time and truly achieve your market value. He points out that for a client to reap the full benefits of this package they must be motivated to work as a team with Sean towards getting their property sold.

Being a real estate agent has many milestones and achievements that may vary from one agent to the next. In Sean’s case his biggest achievements so far have been becoming a RE/MAX Ambassador and his first big sale. Furthermore he enjoys his career as an agent because it enables him to meet a variety of people from all walks of life.

Sean is a motivated agent who looks forward to a successful career. In order to achieve this he has set up goals for himself. One of Sean’s main goals is to help improve the property market in Malta, and to eventually help it develop into a market which thrives on the way business is conducted, like we see in our foreign counterparts.

Understanding who you are as a person and as an agent is what can differentiate you from the rest. Sean summed up who he is as a real estate agent in three words: Trustworthy, Passionate and Effective. One can say that these qualities are highly sought after in a good sales person. He also imparted some qualities that new agents should focus on, the main one being motivation. This character trait is imperative in such a career since you are your own boss and it is up to you to be the best real estate agent that you can be.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Sean, feel free to contact him using the details below.

M: +356 7900 5100

Article written by Emma Asciak

RE/MAX Central – Who is behind the RE/MAX Central Academy?

Lawrence, a man who has lived in a variety of places and has worked in multiple job sectors is now heading the RE/MAX Central Academy. This worldly man has been living in Malta for nearly four years but originally he was simply a visitor. During his short stay here he met with a well known hotel manager, and was later offered a job in Malta. Lawrence then became the Assistant Food and Beverage Director, a job that was rather time-consuming and that took away from his social life.

After a while Lawrence decided that he needed a change so he joined the RE/MAX Central group. Lawrence joined RE/MAX due to its reputation abroad. He has now been working with RE/MAX Central for almost two years and his proudest achievement is starting the academy and “Building it from nothing”. Lawrence takes pride in seeing new agents come into the academy and then watching them flourish throughout their time there. “It makes me feel good that I have some sort of input into their success”.

When I asked Lawrence what the RE/MAX Central Academy was he explained that it is a foundation that provides those aspiring for a career within the real estate industry with the tools that they will need to become successful. When he first started out as an agent he only received a small amount of training that could not compare to the level which is being provided now. This new step allows agents to be more successful once they enter their new office. “It is a training academy not a job academy.”

Lawrence stressed the importance of motivation within new agents. In order for them to truly move forward within the academy they need to be self motivated. Possessing these characteristics will help new agents to better absorb the training that they are provided with. New agents will receive training in People Skills, such as understanding body language. Secondly they are taught Communication Skills so as to aid those who find it difficult to talk to new people. They are also provided with basic Computer Skills so as to level out the playing field for all agents.

Agents will generally spend two months in the academy, however this time may vary depending upon the individual. Lawrence brought up the need for education and that is why the two month minimum is not always the practical time period for everyone. For example it is quite common to find someone who sells a lot of property but still understands very little about the job itself. The academy will aid to remove this ideology.

Lawrence, apart from being an agent was also once a recruiter. When he used to hire people he noticed that some of them were struggling and he would try to help them. This idea to help was noticed by James Busuttil (Franchise Owner and Director) and eventually became the foundation that built the academy that we see today. Now agents are provided with individual attention and a better education of the company’s policy. Lawrence still touches base with the agents who have graduated from the academy to ensure that they are moving in a forward direction.

A common question that Lawrence is frequently asked by potential new sales associates is “Will I be able to sell whilst in the Academy”. The answer is yes. Lawrence explained how the learning that goes on in the academy is “autonomous yet assisted”. In fact Lawrence said most agents sell one, sometimes two properties whilst they are at the academy.  In reality, because they form part of a small team with constant assistance, associates are far more likely to sell. Most other agents are inserted into a sink or swim environment such as a fully fledged sales team.

You might be wondering what differences may be seen in someone who attended the academy versus someone who did not. Agents who have attended the academy will tend to have more professionalism and a greater respect for company policies. At the end of the day policies are there to maintain structure within a company and that is why they are put at the forefront.

The academy will be taking steps to continue advancing and growing. Lawrence hopes that the RE/MAX Central Academy will eventually be a national one that could be accessed by multiple RE/MAX managers and their new agents.

Why should someone consider a career in real estate? Lawrence gave such a passionate answer to this question. He emphasised how real estate allows people to maintain a sense of balance within their lives. Furthermore it is a flexible yet fulfilling job that enables people to live life to the full and that is why he encourages people to start their new career in real estate today.

If you’re interested in beginning your Real Estate Career today, call Lawrence Kelly on +356 7904 2255

Article written by Emma Asciak


Christopher Carabott receives the Hall of Fame Award

Christopher Carabott

Hall of Fame Award – Christopher Carabott

Christopher Carabott is the first RE/MAX Central Malta Sales Associate to achieve the coveted RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award.  This prestigious award is given to RE/MAX Sales Associates who accumulate sales commissions in excess of $1,000,000.

To commemorate this event, Chris and his colleagues were invited to gather at Melita Gardens on the 28th of July 2016. During this event James Busuttil, the Franchise Owner of RE/MAX Central Malta presented Chris with a certificate, a letter of recognition signed by Mr Dave Liniger the Co-founder of RE/MAX Global together with a prestigious wall plaque for his office.

James thanked Chris for his continuing loyalty and consistent success and augured an even brighter future for the successful partnership between Chris and the RE/MAX Central Malta Franchise.

Property Buyer Process

When buying a home, property buyers go through a process that few real estate agents truly understand. Not understanding where buyers currently are in their process can lead to frustration for both buyer and agent alike. The result is usually a lack of good service and buyers feeling that the agent is only interested in pressuring them into buying a property. That the agent is primarily interested in selling them a property is actually correct. Let’s face it why would one expect an agent to invest time and money to find them a home given that he or she will only be paid for their effort if they are successful in finding them their home? On the other hand when a good agent understands where the buyer currently is in the process of buying a home, the experience can and should be enjoyable for both.

The first thing that the agent has to understand is that there is a process and that the process is governed by the character and experiences of the buyer and not the agent. Some buyers go through the entire process in one month whilst others take six months, a year or sometimes even more. The second thing that the agent has to understand is that buyers are always serious about purchasing a home and few are those that simply go about viewing properties without the intention to purchase. Agents need to learn to qualify the seriousness of buyers and gauge the speed with which the buyers are likely to commit themselves to a property purchase. Once this qualifying exercise is completed the agent will need to decide if these buyers fit into his business practice or not. Agents too have different expectations and may choose to invest their time and money in a particular buyer, or not.

The property buying process has different phases. Not all buyers go through all these phases and each buyer will have a different tempo for each.

The first phase we like to call ‘Contemplation’ It always starts from here. Should we move home?, should we start looking for our home now? Should we buy or rent a home? Such thoughts and discussions are where we all start the journey to homeownership. At this time it is customary these days to delve online and start looking at properties on estate agent websites. There are enough of them out there with enough information for the task. During this time likes and dislikes are being established, areas are contemplated and prices are being considered. At this point some buyers are not likely to initiate any contact with an agent whilst others may venture to sending an email request for information without supplying a contact number, we find. If an agent receives such a communication, the agent must understand that the buyers are not yet keen to discuss the matter because they themselves don’t really know what they want and what they could buy. Agents should respect this, supply the information requested, possibly a few similar options and offer contact details should the purchaser wish to make contact. The agent should retain the information and make contact by email again a week to ten days later. In the second email one should offer a few more options.

The next phase that buyers generally go through we call ‘Excitement’ they still don’t know what they want but they tend to contact anyone and everyone about a whole variety of different properties in different locations. This phase does not seem to last very long probably because they realise that now a whole bunch of agents are calling them back and it all becomes rather confusing. As website administrators we note that these buyers will send as many as a dozen requests within a period of a few hours but the same people do not quite repeat the process. At this time they are likely to be selecting the agents that are showing empathy to their needs and are not pushing them, expecting them to buy now. In a nutshell, they are choosing to work with the agents who have identified that they are potential future buyers and are showing the willingness to work with them long term.

The next two phases seem to intertwine and one slowly leads into the other. We call these stages ‘Fearful’ and ‘Educated’. Once the initial excitement has worn off, the fear begins to creep in. Banks are approached for pre-qualification, stamp duty is calculated, notary fees, Mepa compliance concerns and a myriad of things that have to be understood and considered. Other issues that cause fear are budgetary restraints, can I buy what I really want? and also how do I know that I am not being taken for a ride? As buyers spend time looking and comparing homes they slowly begin to understand the market. This learning curve slowly begins to reduce and replace the fear and the buyer becomes bolder and more realistic. During this time a buyer may be disappointed a few times when favorite properties are snapped up most particularly if an offer had been contemplated or even placed. To our knowledge buyers spend most of their time in these two phases. During this time they will become experts in the areas and types that are of interest to them, are able to judge value and probably place a few offers on properties that they end up not buying.

The final phase we call the ‘Committed’ phase. As mentioned above they have a few regrets, they know what they want and how much they should pay for it. Agents on the other end of a phone are hoping that this new lead is in this phase however experience shows us that these buyers are not really surfing through the websites much any longer. These buyers have a set of hand picked agents with whom they have built a working relationship and would much rather deal with them then contend with a new person who has yet to begin to understand their needs and wants.

If agents understand these phases and furthermore understand in which phase the buyer they are dealing with is currently in, they will be able to tailor make their approach to suite the buyer, build a successful relationship and hopefully eventually be the ones to identify the correct property at the current time.

This by far is not the only recipe for success however if understood and applied correctly it would serve to create more happy buyers and even happier agents.

RE/MAX Central is currently looking to recruit sales persons.  To find out more email or call our Careers Manager Lawrence Kelly on 79499734

Getting More Appointments Scheduled

Real Estate sales is a contact sport with the agents getting the most face to face, buyer in the house appointments getting the lion’s share of the business.  Watch this short video blog by Tom Ferry explaining the importance of getting on the phone and making calls.




There has never been a real estate mentor that has not incessantly prescribed prospecting to new and experienced real estate agents.  There also has never been a real estate agent that has quickly wrapped his or her head about whom he or she should call or visit to prospect.

Common mantra is your sphere of influence, in simple terms people that you know.  At the onset of “Succeed” RE/MAX Malta trainer Paul Vincenti requests that participants compile a list of 100 persons they know.  A very useful tool to have however agents eventually report that they begin to feel uncomfortable repeatedly asking their dentist, their barber and the neighbour for new business.  Although this is true in reality it is all about how the conversation with the barber (or whomever)  pans out.  If  an agent calls and only asks for a referral, the barber is likely to become uncomfortable, and so will the agent.

Prospecting calls need to be intelligent and in some way give as much as they receive.  In other words “What’s in it for the barber”.  Some agents think that the answer should be money however the reality is that most people are busy with their own business or lives to work for you as well.  They will in reality be more prone to remember about you and your business in property related conversations if they are returning a favour which you have already done for them.

One can at least assume that your name could come up only if the conversation was property related.  Now let’s face it, if your barber is not currently looking to buy or sell a home himself and he is an avid football fan, most of his conversations are likely to be about football.  His customers or people he speaks to may of course be buying or selling a property, the conversation may well turn to property and this is when you seriously want the barber to remember to refer you and whip out your business card.

In an ideal world you would have a list of persons who frequently have conversations about buying or selling property.  Wishful thinking you might say, but is it?  What agents don’t really stop and think about is that they all do have such a list. Not only do they have such a list but they are already talking to them all day long! You call them your buyer list and your seller list.  Let’s face it, who more than a person currently involved in buying or selling a property is more likely to strike or gladly participate in conversation about property during which you could be referred?  Since you are already having property related conversation with buyers and sellers what you may not be doing is asking these persons to refer you.

So whilst prospecting using a sphere of influence is highly productive, it requires that you dedicate specific time to accomplish it. Since talking to buyers and sellers is already what you do all day long, all that is required is that you develop a habit of asking for the referral of new business.  As is the case with any new habit that one would like to adopt, self discipline and perseverance are key factors and dictate the difference between success and failure.

The author of this article is the franchise owner of RE/MAX Central with sales offices in Attard and Birkirkara in Malta. Should you be interested in joining one of his teams you may submit your application for a confidential meeting to discuss the matter by clicking HERE. RE/MAX Central is interested in hiring experienced agents as well as those who would be new to the business.

Below you will find a video presentation by Bill Crespo from MAPS Coaching outlining ten useful tips on how to go about prospecting.

Conditions vs Objections

Words of gold from Dirk Zeller from Real Estate Champions.  In this seven minute video presentation Dirk not only clearly outlines the difference between a customers who can move forward with a transaction now and  those who can not.  Dirk explains how important it is for an agent to identify the current position of the customer and makes an informed decision before investing quality time.  He touches on a very important common error made by estate agents who do not understand that customer conditions frequently do change over time. He stresses the importance of ensuring that less qualified customers are to included in  a follow up plan to ensure that you keep in touch.


Top Tips for Real Estate Agents

Whether you are a new real estate agent or one of the old hands the tips below will serve to enlighten you, or remind you of what should be most important to you on a daily basis.




  1. Inventory –  Buyers want to work with an estate agent that has a wide selection of properties to choose from.  You will not need all the properties but you will need a good volume from which to choose the best properties that are likely to sell soon. Associate yourself to a large agency that has many agents bringing in properties for sale.
  2. Education – Real estate sales requires serious training.  There is not one person who can teach you everything in time for you to start earning serious money.  Associate yourself to an agency that provides serious local and international training.
  3. Drive and Motivation – As an agent you have the liberty of setting your own systems and work schedule, if you are not self disciplined you will find yourself wasting time and blaming others for your lack of success.  The solution is generally to make yourself accountable to a mentor.  You should find an experienced mentor who is willing to invest time in you.  You will not find a mentor who is willing to waste time listening to your excuses so buckle up and get serious.
  4. Proactive vs Reactive –  If you are  often waiting for the phone to ring for your next lead then you are on the wrong track.  Great real estate agents do not wait for business, they are proactive, not reactive.  They habitually leave their comfort zone and they go out there and create it.  Call sellers, call buyers someone out there has decided that they will buy or sell now.  If what you are doing is waiting for the best buyers or sellers to call you! It’s not going to happen, start calling now!
  5. Become the expert –  You will not be the expert in all types of properties in every area.  Focus on a sector of the market and grow it slowly.  Buyers and sellers want to do business with those who know, not those who hope to know enough. When listening to a customers requirements, you should already know what is on the market and suitable for them.  Agents telling customers ‘I’ll run a search and get back to you’ are not impressing anyone!
  6. Dress for success – If you want to be successful you will need to dress accordingly.  Scuffed shoes, ill fitting suits etc need to go.  You need to invest time and money in your appearance.
  7. Work harder than anyone else – If anyone told you that an estate agent has easy hours, they were lying to you.  Flexible hours maybe, but anything less than ten hours a day, especially at the onset of your career will not work.  Challenge yourself to be the first in and the last out.  Experience is generally calculated in years, but years are made up of hours.  Put more hours in a day than the average agent and you will gain experience faster.
  8. Stay away from negative agents –  This industry is plagued with has beens, wanna bes and those who are not willing to make the sacrifice to make it.  In most cases these agents are very willing to pull you down to their level.  Spend time and listen only to agents who are successful.  If you ask nicely you will find that the successful agent wants you as an ally and is more than willing to share his or her experience with you.
  9. Sellers –  Property sellers are the people with whom you should be spending most of your time.  Sellers are important to a real estate agent as they provide the stock for the agent to sell.  Not all sellers are good sellers, many are hesitant to sell or not motivated.  The successful agent spends most of the time speaking with sellers to establish their motivation.  Building a strong relationship with motivated vendors will mean that you are likely to be the first one to find out when the price is reduced to market value.  It’s not about the house, it’s about the seller!
  10. Qualify your customers – Both buyers and sellers should be qualified in the same way.  The simplest yet most effective system is the WWW system  Why? When? What if?   Read more about Qualifying here
  11. Plan a tough day – Do not end your day before tomorrow is a very busy day.  Starting a day with just a few items on your agenda will result in a non productive day.  If your agenda is full you can move stuff to accommodate important surprises.  Reserve time each day to ensure that you have the time to plan a tough day tomorrow.
  12. List more property – Seasoned successful real estate agents know that most of their success comes from listing properties.  It a well known fact that agents sell more of their own listings than of others.  This occurs due to the fact that they invest more time in the owner whilst listing and updating and are more likely to know when the vendor is primed to sell.  Not to mention that selling your listing or having it sold by a colleague increases your revenue by 30%.  Taking the time to prospect for listings and doing a good job of it is practically a guarantee to success.

At the end of the day, your success or failure will depend much on your attitude and your perspective.  There are a thousand and one ways to be a successful real estate agent but the level of your success will depend on how you perceive the work that needs to get done to obtain results.  The agent with good habits will not look at the ground work ( the basics) as a chore but as the safety net that ensures he is successful every week, every month.


Qualifying Buyers and Sellers

A good recipe for success is for a real estate agent to work mostly with qualified buyers and sellers. Some agents are unable to ask the correct questions, only to end up finding out the truth at a much later stage when they have invested too much time with the buyer or seller.

Some agents feel that they do not have the right to ask pertinent questions. The only logical result is that these agents have a low closing ratio and their business is not as profitable as it can be. Frequently this is the difference between success and failure for an estate agent.

An agent will always be working to performance; no sale, no pay. The customer is not willing to pay an estate agent for anything less than 100% success. It is therefore the agent’s prerogative to be able to estimate his or her chances of success. Before investing more time in a lead an agent will need to establish where in the buying or selling process the customer is currently positioned. A customer who wants to buy or sell ‘later’ deserves the agent’s service, ‘later’. A buyer who is less likely to have a change of heart and requires service ‘now’ should get the agent’s service, ‘now’. …Continue Reading

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