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RE/MAX Central – Meet, our Ambassador.

Thursday, May 11th, 2017



Are you looking to sell your property? Are you looking for somebody trustworthy to guide you? I recently sat down with Sean Busuttil Cordina, one of RE/MAX Central’s up and coming real estate agents.

This fun and quirky character is not only a real estate agent but also a RE/MAX Ambassador. Being an ambassador is an important role because it means that Sean is constantly pushing RE/MAX’s values to the forefront. Above all else he is always representing the brand in a positive manner. These are important qualities in an agent because he will take care of you throughout the process and ensure that your selling experience will be a smooth running one.

Most people have a particular aspect that they enjoy the most when it comes to their line of work. In Sean’s case this would be the act of bringing properties to the market and beginning their marketing process. Although he is comfortable selling any type of property, he does love that good old fashioned House of Character that Malta is known for. Since Sean grew up in East Harbour areas such as Sliema he enjoys having the opportunity of selling properties in those localities.

Naturally, a seller wants to get their home sold as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Sean explains that contacting him or one of his colleagues at RE/MAX Central will be an integral part in simplifying the process. A good agent makes all the difference in these situations. Aside from this, it is beneficial to keep your home tidy and presentable so that when your agent brings people in for a viewing they will feel comfortable. According to Sean, the correct pricing of your property can make all the difference. It is always best to listen to what your agent recommends and to not think too big if you’re looking to sell your home in good time.



Given the fact that Sean is still young he is more aware of the multiple and new ways in which one can market a property. He makes it a point to be as creative as possible so that your property can truly stand out.

Sean focuses a lot of his work on Exclusive Listings and the package that RE/MAX provides along with it is a fantastic method to decrease selling time and truly achieve your market value. He points out that for a client to reap the full benefits of this package they must be motivated to work as a team with Sean towards getting their property sold.

Being a real estate agent has many milestones and achievements that may vary from one agent to the next. In Sean’s case his biggest achievements so far have been becoming a RE/MAX Ambassador and his first big sale. Furthermore he enjoys his career as an agent because it enables him to meet a variety of people from all walks of life.

Sean is a motivated agent who looks forward to a successful career. In order to achieve this he has set up goals for himself. One of Sean’s main goals is to help improve the property market in Malta, and to eventually help it develop into a market which thrives on the way business is conducted, like we see in our foreign counterparts.

Understanding who you are as a person and as an agent is what can differentiate you from the rest. Sean summed up who he is as a real estate agent in three words: Trustworthy, Passionate and Effective. One can say that these qualities are highly sought after in a good sales person. He also imparted some qualities that new agents should focus on, the main one being motivation. This character trait is imperative in such a career since you are your own boss and it is up to you to be the best real estate agent that you can be.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Sean, feel free to contact him using the details below.

M: +356 7900 5100

Article written by Emma Asciak

RE/MAX Central – Who is behind the RE/MAX Central Academy?

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Lawrence, a man who has lived in a variety of places and has worked in multiple job sectors is now heading the RE/MAX Central Academy. This worldly man has been living in Malta for nearly four years but originally he was simply a visitor. During his short stay here he met with a well known hotel manager, and was later offered a job in Malta. Lawrence then became the Assistant Food and Beverage Director, a job that was rather time-consuming and that took away from his social life.

After a while Lawrence decided that he needed a change so he joined the RE/MAX Central group. Lawrence joined RE/MAX due to its reputation abroad. He has now been working with RE/MAX Central for almost two years and his proudest achievement is starting the academy and “Building it from nothing”. Lawrence takes pride in seeing new agents come into the academy and then watching them flourish throughout their time there. “It makes me feel good that I have some sort of input into their success”.

When I asked Lawrence what the RE/MAX Central Academy was he explained that it is a foundation that provides those aspiring for a career within the real estate industry with the tools that they will need to become successful. When he first started out as an agent he only received a small amount of training that could not compare to the level which is being provided now. This new step allows agents to be more successful once they enter their new office. “It is a training academy not a job academy.”

Lawrence stressed the importance of motivation within new agents. In order for them to truly move forward within the academy they need to be self motivated. Possessing these characteristics will help new agents to better absorb the training that they are provided with. New agents will receive training in People Skills, such as understanding body language. Secondly they are taught Communication Skills so as to aid those who find it difficult to talk to new people. They are also provided with basic Computer Skills so as to level out the playing field for all agents.

Agents will generally spend two months in the academy, however this time may vary depending upon the individual. Lawrence brought up the need for education and that is why the two month minimum is not always the practical time period for everyone. For example it is quite common to find someone who sells a lot of property but still understands very little about the job itself. The academy will aid to remove this ideology.

Lawrence, apart from being an agent was also once a recruiter. When he used to hire people he noticed that some of them were struggling and he would try to help them. This idea to help was noticed by James Busuttil (Franchise Owner and Director) and eventually became the foundation that built the academy that we see today. Now agents are provided with individual attention and a better education of the company’s policy. Lawrence still touches base with the agents who have graduated from the academy to ensure that they are moving in a forward direction.

A common question that Lawrence is frequently asked by potential new sales associates is “Will I be able to sell whilst in the Academy”. The answer is yes. Lawrence explained how the learning that goes on in the academy is “autonomous yet assisted”. In fact Lawrence said most agents sell one, sometimes two properties whilst they are at the academy.  In reality, because they form part of a small team with constant assistance, associates are far more likely to sell. Most other agents are inserted into a sink or swim environment such as a fully fledged sales team.

You might be wondering what differences may be seen in someone who attended the academy versus someone who did not. Agents who have attended the academy will tend to have more professionalism and a greater respect for company policies. At the end of the day policies are there to maintain structure within a company and that is why they are put at the forefront.

The academy will be taking steps to continue advancing and growing. Lawrence hopes that the RE/MAX Central Academy will eventually be a national one that could be accessed by multiple RE/MAX managers and their new agents.

Why should someone consider a career in real estate? Lawrence gave such a passionate answer to this question. He emphasised how real estate allows people to maintain a sense of balance within their lives. Furthermore it is a flexible yet fulfilling job that enables people to live life to the full and that is why he encourages people to start their new career in real estate today.

If you’re interested in beginning your Real Estate Career today, call Lawrence Kelly on +356 7904 2255

Article written by Emma Asciak


Chris Carabott – Sales Associate

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Christopher Carabott has been a real estate agent with RE/MAX Central since 2008.  Chris has claimed the title of ‘Top Central Agent’ for the past three years and is set to accomplish the same for the current year.

A university graduate, showing strong entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to work harder than the next man guided him to also creating his own company.  I asked Chris ‘Why move wholeheartedly into real estate?’ to which he replied ‘At a young age I was inspired by my friends in the industry and they were always doing well, so I always kept an eye on it’ (more…)

Mandy Miller – Sales Associate

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Mandy Miller is a relatively new Real Estate Sales Agent, although, with family in the industry as well as a background in letting, she has been able to adapt her 12 years experience selling advertising to this challenging new role which would seem to be in her blood.

Mandy, a true self-starter, had always wanted to be a Real Estate Sales Agent. She knew it was a hard industry to start in, but also knew from observing her family that the potential rewards would make the experience much more worth pursuing.

Her background in the fast paced world of advertising sales meant that Mandy already knew about the importance of knowing not only her own product base, but also maintaining a keen eye on the competition, and what they were offering. This knowledge, combined with her passion for delivering excellence for her clients, ensured Mandy a successful career in advertising. It was also a safe haven for her as she started her family, as it maintained the security of a guaranteed monthly income. (more…)

Andrew Bugeja – Sales Associate

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Andrew joined RE/MAX Central Attard in August 2012 and has seen his real estate career go from strength to strength.  He comes from an eight year career in marketing and when asked why real estate? why RE/MAX? he confidently replies.  “It was a lifestyle change! I wanted to take control of what I earned, becoming a real estate agent gave me the freedom to use my ability to think, work hard and take control of my income.  I wanted to let go of the shackles of a salary

Having his girlfriend already working in a different role in RE/MAX gave Andrew the opportunity to have an inside view of the industry prior to making his final decision.  In fact he cites a public  educational opportunity that RE/MAX Malta had organised as important moment in his decision making process.  Andrew recounts how when meeting with Paul Vincenti (RE/MAX Academy coach and trainer) associates, managers and franchise owners at this event he was impressed by the confidence that these people showed and how they seemed to be having fun working, “It was more like people coming together, ready to share ideas. Everyone seemed to be an entrepreneur, happy to be at work and not complaining.”  An entrepreneur at heart himself, the idea that he could have part of that for himself, quickly grew on him. (more…)

Colin Micallef – Branch Manager

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

After a 20 year career in Sales and Marketing, Colin Micallef was looking for a new direction and new challenge.  Having considered several options, including various franchise opportunities, a conversation with another real estate agent started Colin thinking about a career that he had previously considered impossible.

Having been employed in what he considered “regular jobs” all his life, Colin had decided it was time to “up the ante” and improve his situation.  He had worked for large international companies, always with a focus on Customer Service, and had a number of qualifications to show for his years in the corporate world.  Logically, he felt that opening his own business, or possibly even starting an international franchise operation within Malta would be the best way to put his considerable skills and experience to the best use.  He had not considered he would be suitable for a new career in Real Estate as he felt, as he put it, that he “was not prepared enough” and did not know enough about Real Estate in Malta.  A chance conversation over a coffee in Tigne Point soon changed both Colin’s opinion and his focus. (more…)

Miriam Camilleri – Branch Manager

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Miriam Camilleri has been a real estate agent for a number of years and, during that time, has become an advocate of women considering  real estate as a career.

When Miriam, an entrepreneurial spirit, was originally considering joining her first real estate company, she was looking for something that would offer a career, not just a job. She had always had her own business and considers herself to be a people person – real estate seemed to offer her the ability to start something fresh, but still focusing on helping people – something which is a passion for her.

Over the years that Miriam has been working in the industry, she has seen many changes, but she has never let it affect her or the service she offers to her clients. Miriam has seen the market change between seller’s and buyer’s markets; she has witnessed the effects of economic crises, both in Malta and around the world – Miriam’s attitude is one of “there is always someone who needs or wants to buy a house” – she says that despite what happens in the world, people are still moving on with their lives, some are getting married, others are up- or down-sizing depending upon what stage of their lives they are in – a home is, in her opinion, always a necessity – people’s budgets might change, their criteria may change, but Miriam has never let these differences affect her – she says “you can always turn a negative into a positive”! (more…)

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