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Getting More Appointments Scheduled

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Real Estate sales is a contact sport with the agents getting the most face to face, buyer in the house appointments getting the lion’s share of the business.  Watch this short video blog by Tom Ferry explaining the importance of getting on the phone and making calls.



RE/MAX Euroversity and Social Media

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

541772_134899260030074_721655419_nThis month RE/MAX Europe hosted a train the trainer seminar for RE/MAX European regional directors and their respective marketing managers. This seminar held in the enchanting Vienna capital city of Austria was dedicated entirely to social media as a powerful and necessary marketing medium. The seminar was hosted by Olivia Weidmann RE/MAX Europe’s online marketing manager and Doris Bruneder Product Manager Technology. It was instantly clear that both these executives were not only well prepared but at the top of their game. They were knowledgeable about each of the mediums and translated each into best practices for real estate promotion.

The seminar was predominantly constructed of three parts. Each section giving careful consideration to how social media should be utilized by Office Owners, by Agents and by the Regions. Each part gave an overview of the possible media that each should be using. Emphasis was made upon how each sector should make use of these mediums and at the end of each of the three sections the mechanics of of one particular application was delved into deeply offering invaluable advice on how to maximize SEO to ensure that a suitable audience was built.

532141_137455726441094_2075605172_nOlivia and Doris were able to create a clear picture as to how the RE/MAX websites linked with social media tools  will generate a powerful concoction of online lead generation of buyer/seller leads, new agents and even new franchisees.

12481_137455519774448_1008378852_nThe guest speaker for the seminar was James Busuttil representing RE/MAX Central Malta. James was invited to present the attendees with an overview of the franchise’s results in using social media as a powerful marketing tool.

James Busuttil explained how their Facebook assets were today providing the RE/MAX Central offices with over 2,000 page views per day which resulted in an average of between 20 and 30 new buyer leads daily. James went on to outline the strategy utilized to obtain such results that were creating an over abundance of leads for the agents in the two offices creating the need to keep expanding the operation to meet demand by recruiting new agents.

Objection Handling – I’ll sell it myself by Tom Ferry #4

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Tom Ferry answers a vendor’s objection “At that price, I’ll sell it myself”

Tom delivers a brilliant script explaining to the vendor that in a buyers market it will take a serious marketing campaign to obtain the value being placed on the property.  If an owner is still not completely understanding one  should take this a step further and compare the limited marketing options available to the vendor as opposed to the well oiled marketing machine that serious estate agents have at their disposal today.

Pricing a home for sale correctly, why is it crucial ?

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Dave Beson for RE/MAX EUROversity explains how we as agents have an obligation to communicate to the vendor,  just how crucial it is to price the home correctly during the early stages of marketing a home.  It is a  worldwide phenomenon, that vendors wish to try to obtain a higher price for their property at first, believing that they eventually can come down in the price if it does not sell.

This we know stems from the fact that we are all fearful of selling our assets at less than what we can actually get.  In a market with declining prices however it is not the most intelligent thing to do as shown in the example below.  As agents it is our duty to explain this in detail to vendors, it is however also our duty to ensure that we do know how to price their property correctly. Too many agents are out there offering pricing advice based on a hunch. (more…)

Paul Vincenti – How to sell more effectively in 3.5 minutes

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Paul Vincenti shows how to use a very simple technique that will help you to sell more successfully.

Use my technique to sell more as you connect a product’s features to their related benefit using a ‘string’
Selling is easy if you know what aspects people react to.
I have trained and coached many successful people in my time. One thing I know is that when people use this technique, they always notice just how much easier it is to sell. Best of all, their leads thank them for it.

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Dave Beson #10, We Control 4 Things

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Dave Beson for RE/MAX University discusses the four things that we control.

  1. Price in partnership with the vendor
  2. Terms in partnership with Banks
  3. Condition of the property in partnership with the seller
  4. Marketing

As always and throughout the world pricing a home correctly is integral to getting a home sold. Dave talks about realities that an agent faces when the home does not get sold and offers a strategy and a system to get the home priced correctly and how to take into consideration all of the above factors.

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