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Pricing a home for sale correctly, why is it crucial ?

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Dave Beson for RE/MAX EUROversity explains how we as agents have an obligation to communicate to the vendor,  just how crucial it is to price the home correctly during the early stages of marketing a home.  It is a  worldwide phenomenon, that vendors wish to try to obtain a higher price for their property at first, believing that they eventually can come down in the price if it does not sell.

This we know stems from the fact that we are all fearful of selling our assets at less than what we can actually get.  In a market with declining prices however it is not the most intelligent thing to do as shown in the example below.  As agents it is our duty to explain this in detail to vendors, it is however also our duty to ensure that we do know how to price their property correctly. Too many agents are out there offering pricing advice based on a hunch. (more…)

Dave Beson #10, We Control 4 Things

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Dave Beson for RE/MAX University discusses the four things that we control.

  1. Price in partnership with the vendor
  2. Terms in partnership with Banks
  3. Condition of the property in partnership with the seller
  4. Marketing

As always and throughout the world pricing a home correctly is integral to getting a home sold. Dave talks about realities that an agent faces when the home does not get sold and offers a strategy and a system to get the home priced correctly and how to take into consideration all of the above factors.

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