What it takes to become a Real Estate Agent at RE/MAX Central

Requirements to be a RE/MAX Associate

Due to our experience and having full access to the RE/MAX University we are able to educate a person who has no idea whatsoever about the industry however there are some things that candidates have to bring themselves.

Skills and Character traits of a RE/MAX real estate agent.

Time – An agent is at liberty to set his or her own agenda.  On our part we try to be flexible and so long as as agents perform to agreed targets we do not involve ourselves too much into which hours an agent chooses to work.

Mindset and Motivation – You may think that you can, or you may think that you can’t, either way you are right! A RE/MAX Sales Associate will need to have a CAN DO attitude to life. For our associates, each new day brings endless opportunities and you will need a positive mindset to claim your success.

Presentable – In a world where first impressions count, smartly dressed agents who can communicate with clients from all walks of life will find it easier to have clients choose them to work with.

Honesty – During the course of our business we consistently deal with people who are buying or selling what is probably their largest asset to date.  During this process they are likely to have trust issues, they will grow to trust a sales associate who calls a spade a spade whilst avoid working with one who they feel stretches the truth.

Maltese Speaking – The bulk of our sellers and buyers are local and feel more comfortable negotiating in their mother tongue, Maltese. With this in mind it is our policy to ensure that our sales associates are fluent in the Maltese language. 

Computer skills – In this day and age the computer plays a role in most work environments and this is also the case in real estate. An agent will need to be able to send and receive emails, browse through the property database and complete forms online. There is no need to be a computer guru however the more you can use it, the simpler your work will be.

Financial – Because there is no salary attached to this work, agents will need to sustain themselves financially during the early months of their careers.  We recommend that new agents have disposable savings and can support themselves for a period of circa six months.

Vehicle – Agents need to own their own car which should be presentable and in good working order.

Mobile phone – In this day and age a mobile phone is most definitely a must. Associates find that investing in a smart phone and/or a tablet simplifies their life and enables them achieve more, in less time.

Camera – To list a property for sale with RE/MAX an agent will need to supply a collection of well presented photographs.  Digital quality cameras are inexpensive, there are even attachments available to enhance the angle on phone cameras.

Measuring tool – To list a property for sale, room measurements are needed.  One can use a conventional measure or as most agents prefer, a digital tool available at hardware stores across the island.

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